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Our Story

Our Story

When Dr. Drake was younger, he had a severe fall, and traditional medical care offered him little to no relief. Two years after the injury, he received his first chiropractic adjustment and was able to stand up straight for the first time since his accident. He discovered through research that chiropractic not only helped sick people get well, but that it helps prevent the sickness in the first place. He was excited to find that there was a better way to live.

Chiropractic care allows the body to move past a state of dis-ease. One can obtain optimal health, allowing the body to fully express life. Ultimately, chiropractic combines Dr. Drake's biggest passions: helping others and teaching. Plus, he gets to stand in awe of the greatest creation ever: the human body. His true desire is to serve humankind and provide hope.

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We are available after hours and on weekends as needed.