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Painless Living Is Healthy Living

Painless Living Is Healthy Living

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When you're dealing with severe back or neck pain, the last thing you want is someone twisting and cracking your spine. Soaring Health Chiropractic in Sidney, NE is a trusted pediatric chiropractor specializing in safe and gentle chiropractic care for children and adults. We welcome new patients daily and take the time to get to know your specific pains and concerns. We'll provide a full physical evaluation, including orthopedic testing and muscle testing, to determine where your exact issues lie.

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Not all back pain is the same, and not all treatments work for everyone. During your first visit, Dr. Drake will evaluate your symptoms and determine all areas of spinal misalignment. Depending on your needs, he'll create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique pain and dysfunction. Through gentle alignments and personalized chiropractic care, you'll feel relief from head to toe.

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